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Jiangxi Yiyuan Industrial Co., Ltd is a professional chemical packing production enterprise in China, and we have been engaged in R&D, trading and different services of various chemical fillers since our foundation in 1996.

Our chemical filler mainly includes molecular sieve, ceramic ball, ceramic, plastic and metal random fillers, honeycomb ceramic, water treatment product and so on. Featuring good wear, corrosion, high-temperature resistance, and high strength and hardness, these products are widely used in a wide selection of applications, such as in electric power, petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, nonmetallic mine, painting, paper making, pharmacy, aeronautics and astronautics, environmental protection field, and more. In the meantime, our products are often used in drying, absorption, washing and regenerating towers of chemical industry, metallurgy, oxygen making fields, etc. With ISO9001:2000 certificates, our chemical fillers have been well received by customers from Southeast Asia, Middle East, Russia, United States, Canada, South America, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar and so on.

Here in Jiangxi Yiyuan Industrial Co., Ltd, we have as many as 380 staffs, and our company covers an area of 65,100m2, of which 32,400m2 is our workshop. Our annual output reached up to 100,000tons in 2011, and the export proportion of our chemical fillers, including molecular sieve, ceramic ball, random fillers and honeycomb ceramic, reached as high as 60%.

Jiangxi Yiyuan Industrial Co., Ltd is a leading manufcaturer of chemical filler in industrial ceramic industry of China. It is the first executive director of China Ceramic Industry Association, a loyal member of Chinese Society for Corrosion and Protection, as well as president of Pingxiang Industrial Ceramic Chamber of Commerce. Our subsidiaries include Pingxiang,Yiyuan Ceramics Factory, Pingxiang, Yiyuan Chemical Packing Factory, and Pingxiang Gold Creadit IMP &EXP. CO., LTD.

From the very beginning of our foundation, we have been devoted to providing high quality chemical fillers, including molecular sieve, ceramic ball, ceramic, plastic and metal random fillers, honeycomb ceramic, water treatment products for clients across the globe, as well as optimum after-sale, middle-sale and pre-sale services.

Quality Control:
As a professional manufacturer and exporter of chemical fillers, Jiangxi Yiyuan Industrial Co., Ltd supply customers across the world with a wide variety of products, including 3A, 4A, 5A and 13X molecular sieves, thermal storage, activated alumina and inner alumina ceramic balls, various ceramic, plastic and metal random fillers or packings, honey ceramic items, and water treatment products.

Our company is located in Pingxiang, ceramic hometown of China. As a result, the transportation costs of our raw ceramic materials have been dramatically reduced, which, in turn, gives a relatively competitive pricing to our ceramic products. Additionally, our company is quite near to Shenzhen and Shanghai ports, two largest ports in China, which makes both the shipping and air transportation quite convenient.

Sampling inspection and external supervision have been utilized in our manufacture process of our chemical filler. And all our products have obtained the ISO9001:2000 certificates.

Output of Chemical Fillers:
Molecular sieve: 5,000 tons
Ceramic ball: 8,000 tons
Ceramic random packing: 8,000m3
Plastic random packing: 10,000 m3
Metal random packing: 8,000 m3
Honeycomb ceramic: 6,000 m3
Water treatment products: 10,000 tons

1. Free chemical filler samples are available, but customers should pay for the transportation costs.
2. We will replace broken components of our products for customers across the globe.
3. Regarding the delivery period of our chemical packing, 12days/20gp is for those to be exported abroad, and 7days/20gp is for the ones sold at home.
4. Custom services for design and manufacture of chemical fillers are always available for our products.
5. OEM service is also available.

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