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Ceramic Connecting Ring

Ceramic Connecting Ring

It sometimes also called ceramic structured connecting ring, is one type of tower ceramic random fillers.

The characteristics of this ceramic structured connecting tower filler include simple structure, great processing capability, high operation flexibility, great mass transfer efficiency.

The ceramic connecting ring is especially suitable for gas washing, dechlorination in chemical industrial and decarbonization, desulfurize processes in fertilizer industry.

Jiangxi Yiyuan Industrial Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer and supplier of ceramic connecting ring in China. In order to meet customers' various needs, we offer a wide selection of ceramic structured connecting rings in different specifications and designs for customers around the world. This product has obtained ISO9001:2000 certificate. Featuring competitive prices, this ceramic connecting rings have been well recieved by costomers worldwide. If you're also interested in it, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Characteristic Data:

Item Size (mm) Type Packing weight (kg/m3) Void ratio (%) Specific surface area (m2/m3)
Connecting ring 80×80×8/7 Cross 540 0.77 132
50×50×5/19 Hollow 390 0.85 130
80×80×8/7 Rice type 580 0.75 118
80×80×8/7 Hollow 410 0.90 106
Combined connecting ring 50×25×5/7 Plum blossom shape 430 0.72 132
80×60×8/7 Plum blossom shape 480 0.80 126
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