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Ceramic Grain Filter

It is a spherical filter material made from good quality clay. Its production process is quite complicated: raw materials, auxiliary materials → drying → filling a prescription → shivering → prevaricating particles → pre-drying → sintering → cooling → screening → measurement → packaging → storage. The main component of ceramic grain filter is partial aluminum silicate. Its color is dark brown or gray brown. Due to its features, it is pretty suitable for water treatment, such as urban sewage, for BAF (Biological Aerated Filter) and AF (Anaerobic Biofilter).

1. As for its microstructure, ceramic grain filter is full of coarse micro pores. This is easy to make bio-film. Along with the large specific surface area, the two portraits lead to the fast proliferation of microorganism. 
2. The bulk density of ceramic grain filter is suitable and moderate, which makes backwashing and aeration easier.
3. This filter enjoys high strength, good frication resistance, and stable physical and chemical properties. The ceramic grain filter does not discharge hazardous gas to the water.
4. Thanks to its high cylinder pressure (≥4.5Mpa), this grain ceramic filter can endure the water shock for a pretty long time and can also maintain a stable effluent. In this way, the operation cost has been dramatically reduced.  
5. The performances of the ceramic grain filter include high mechanical strength, large specific surface area, low wear rate, developed pore structure, and others. It will be used for power, chemical, oil filters, water filter and ion exchange equipments.

Regarding the delivery period of this ceramic grain filter, 12days/20gp is for those to be exported abroad, and 7days/20gp is for the ones sold at home.

3uw-T Series Filter Material:
By means of BAF (C/N), 3uw-T series filter material can work effectively in urban waste-water treatment. For example, the effluent quality absolutely meets the requirement specified in the Integrated Wastewater Discharge Standard (GB8978-1996). The usage of both C/N and N guarantees the 3uw-T Series Filter Material's deep treatment of wastewater.

Features of 3uw-T Series Filter Material:
1. The surface of the 3uw-T series filter material is full of pore. Its specific surface area is over 4m2/cm3. Hence, the 3uw-T series filter material is suitable for the growth of all kinds of microorganism. A stable, highly active biological membrane can form on the surface. Therefore, it can produce quality effluent.
2. The pore on filter layer distribute evenly. This can make the 3uw-T series filter materials overcome the defects of great head loss, easy jam, easy hardening.
3. The bulk density is moderate. It is about 0.75-0.95 g/cm3. The 3uw-T series filter material makes it easy to back wash running no risk of material-running. Thus the cost has been extremely diminished.
4. An excellent gradation of grain diameter (3-5mm, K60 ≤ 1.25; 4-6mm, K60 ≤ 1.38) is adopted. The assimilative capability of the 3uw-T series filter material is strong and the utilization rate of filter material is high. As a result, the 3uw-T series filter material enjoys a long life span, a large water yield yet a low increase of head water loss.
5. The traits of 3uw-T series also include high strength, friction resistance, stable physics and chemical ability, long usage life and so on. The main raw material of ceramic grain filter is clay. It is made under high temperature firing. It will not release any harmful substances to water toxic even in long term immersion. There is no secondary pollution. According to the test from China Disease Prevention and Control Center, it can meet the requirements of the drinking water transmission and distribution equipment.
6. Mass production of 3uw-T series filter material has been accomplished. Therefore, the price is cheap. Our production capacity can reach 30,000m3 per year. By August, the production capacity will be more than 40,000m3. And we have a strict quality control system to guarantee the quality.

Technical Data:

Item Parameters
Appearance Spherical, dark brown/ light brown, coarse pore
Grain Size <2.0mm ≥2.0mm
Bulk Density 0.95~1.10g/cm3 0.95~1.0g/cm3
Appearance Density 1.4~1.8g/cm3 1.4~1.8g/cm3
Porosity of Accumulation ≥35% ≥40%
Breakage Rate ≤0.03% ≤0.04%
Wear Rate ≤2.0% ≤3.0%
Specific Surface Area ≥1×104 cm2/g ≥1×104 cm2/g
Loss on Ignition(LOI) <0.03% <0.03%
Coefficient of Un-uniformity K60 :≤1.40 K60 :≤1.40
Hydrochloric Acid Dissolving Rate ≤0.10% ≤0.10%
Head Loss <135mm/m <125mm/m
Dissolved Matter No harmful trace element No harmful trace element
Cylinder Pressure Strength ≥23.4Mpa ≥23.7Mpa
Item Details
Diameter <2.0mm ≥2.0mm
Bulk Density 1.4~1.8g/cm3 0.95~1.0g/cm3
Visual Density ≥35% 1.4~1.8g/cm3
Bulk void volume ≤0.03% ≥40%
Breakage rate ≤2.0% ≤0.04%
Attrition rate Surface ≤3.0%
Specific   Area

Chemical Position:

Item SiO2 Fe2O3 Al2O3 CaO MgO
Rate (%) 60~75 6~10 15~22 2~5 1~4

Physical Position:

Item Index Item Index
Diameter (mm) 0.5~3.0 Porosity (%) 40~45
Compression strength 30~150 Applicable Temperature (℃) -80~1200
Attrition rate (%) <0.5 Bulk density (g/cm3) 1.1~1.5
Acid-resistance rate (%) >98% Alkali-resistance rate (%) 82.5%
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