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Ceramic Roller

Ceramic Roller

It is sometimes also called quartz ceramic roller, ceramic wire guide, or assembled wire roller.

The wear-resisting roller is a new type of tower packing materials. It is the ideal substitute of normal ceramic roller, metal roller, plastic roller and rubber roller.

1. It is high intensity and abrasion resistance.
2. The service life of the quartz ceramic roller is long;
3. The ceramic wire guide is suitable for explosive environment such as coal mine due to high temperature resistant, oxidation resistance and strong corrosion resistance;
4. The ceramic roller is suitable for explosive environment, etc.
5. Its performance is stable; it can prevent the belt conveyor wandering, pull fork, fever fire and sliding.

Technology Parameters of Wear-Resistant Ceramic Roller:
First, the main chemical composition and performance:
1. 65% SiO2; 31% Al2O3
2. Acid resistance: 99.8%, alkaline resistance: 94%

Second, mechanical properties:
1. The compressive strength: 145 Mpa
2. Bending resistance: 80-120 Mpa
3. Hardness (mok's) : > level 7
4. Applicable temperature:-80-180℃
5. Bibulous rate: < 1%
6. Density: 2.8% / cm3 wear rate: < 1.0

Third, the overall performance:
1. Life of ceramic roller >10 years
2. Life of axletree< 3years
3. Applicable temperature of axletree<100℃


Φ89×190 Φ89×750
Φ89×240 Φ89×950
Φ89×305 Φ108×1150
Φ108×375 Φ108×305
Φ133×375 Φ133×455
Φ103×1340 (Round Carrier Roller)

Other sizes can be produced according to customer's requirements.

Our ceramic roller has obtained ISO9001:2000 certificate, and it has been very popular among our customers in Southeast Asia, Middle East, Russia, United States, Canada, South America, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar and so on. If you want more information of our ceramic roller, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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