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Molecular Sieve

  • 3A Molecular SieveGenerally, 3A molecular sieve is the necessary desiccant in petroleum, chemical industry. The specific usages are as follows:1.This kind of alkali metal alumino-silicate can be used to dry various liquids like ethanol, natural gases, methane gases, refrigerants, etc. 2.The 3A molecular sieve is capable of drying unsaturated hydrocarbon, cracking gas, acetylene....
  • 4A Molecular SieveThis sieve is widely used in drying, refining and purifying various gases and liquids. Because this kind of actived alumina zeolite 4A can absorb those objects whose molecule diameters are smaller than 4A molecular sieve, such as argon, krypton, xenon, ammonia, carbon monoxide, C2H5OH, C2H2, CH3OH, CH3CN2, CS2, CH3CL, CH3Br, C2H4 and so on...
  • 5A Molecular Sieve1. The 5A molecular sieve can be applied in normal paraffin separation;
    2. This kind of sieve is also used in separating oxygen and hydrogen gases.
    3. 5A zeolite can be utilized in drying and refining various gases and liquids....
  • 13X Molecular Sieve1.The 13X molecular sieve will be useful in gas drying and purification.
    2.The 13X zeolite can be used in the desulphurization of liquid hydrocarbons and natural gas.
    3.It can be utilized in air refining to remove CO2 and H2O.
    4.According to the patented Zeochem technology, it can be used to remove mercaptans..

Jiangxi Yiyuan Industrial Co., Ltd is a professional chemical packing production enterprise in China. Our chemical fillers mainly include molecular sieve, ceramic ball, ceramic, plastic and metal random fillers, honeycomb ceramic, water treatment product and so on. With ISO9001:2000 certificates, our chemical fillers have been well received by customers from Southeast Asia, Middle East, Russia, United States, Canada, South America, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar and so on.