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Honeycomb Ceramic Filter Plate

Honeycomb Ceramic Filter Plate

It is a kind of extruded ceramic filter that has large specific surface area and high porosity. This enables it filter and adsorb the smallest inclusions mingled in the molten metal fluid. Due to its unique rectifier function the honeycomb ceramic filter plate can be applicable to the foundry industry which has different requirements of refractoriness and casting speed. Generally speaking, it can be made from cordierite, mullite, cordierite/mullite., cordierite and mullite, etc.

This honeycomb ceramic filter plate can be used in grey iron, nodular cast iron, aluminum alloy, stainless steel, etc

Product Features:
1. The honeycomb ceramic filter plate has good thermal shock resistance, metal liquid flow resistance and high strength as well as larger specific surface area.
2. Thanks to advanced extrusion process, we can provide filters with different shapes and hole densities, such as round hole type, square hole type, triangle hole type for the customer.
3. This kind of extruded ceramic filters have strict appearance size control technology. They are completely suitable for the production line in which the honeycomb ceramic filter plate is automatically equipped.

Physical and Chemical Performance Index:

Item Index
Opening Rate (%) 80~90
Maximum Working Temperature (℃) 1550
Density (g/cm3) 0.7~1.8
Compressive Resistance (Mpa) >15
Thermal Shock Resistance (times/1100℃) >6
SiO2 (%) 38~42
Al2O3 (%) 53~57
Fe2O3 (%) <1.5
TiO2 (%) <1.5
Items Parameters
Porosity (%) 80~90
Max. Operating Temperature(℃) 1550
Bulk Density (g/cm3) 0.7~1.8
Compression Strength(Mpa) >15
Thermal Shock Resistance(times/1100℃) >6
SiO2 (%) 38~42
Al2O3 (%) 53~57
Fe2O3 (%) <1.5
TiO2 (%) <1.5

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