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Honeycomb Ceramic

  • Honeycomb Ceramic for RTO, RCO
  • Honeycomb Ceramic for RTO, RCOHoneycomb ceramic for RTO, RCO, as heat exchange media, adopts HTAC (High Temperature Air Combustion) technology. It has been widely applied in all kinds of pushing-steel heating furnace, RTO (Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer), RCO(Regenerative Catalytic Oxidizer), stepping heating furnaces, heat treatment furnaces, forging furnaces and dissolving furnaces...
  • Honeycomb Ceramic Catalyst Carrier
  • Honeycomb Ceramic Catalyst SubstrateHoneycomb ceramic catalyst substrate, also known as honeycomb ceramic catalyst carrier or honeycomb ceramic catalytic converter, is a new developed porous industrial ceramic. It is able to withstand high temperature and purify automobile exhaust gases. The preferred catalyst support structure is the honeycomb configuration that includes a variety of unobstructed ...
  • Infrared Honeycomb Ceramic Plate
  • Infrared Honeycomb Ceramic PlateInfrared ceramic plate is made of special cordierite materials. With its special design, it works more efficiently in the field of gas cooker and heater. Infrared honeycomb ceramic plate enjoys the features of high heat efficiency, low pollution, high ventilation rate and strong heat radiation. We can provide coating for infrared ceramic plate to raise surface temperature and reduce exhaust emission...
  • Honeycomb Ceramic Filter Plate
  • Honeycomb Ceramic Filter PlateIt is a kind of extruded ceramic filter that has large specific surface area and high porosity. This enables it filter and adsorb the smallest inclusions mingled in the molten metal fluid. Due to its unique rectifier function the ceramic filter plate can be applicable to the foundry industry which has different requirements of refractoriness and casting speed.

Our honeycomb ceramics can be divided into four types: heat accumulator, catalyst carrier, filter plate, and infrared plate types. And its raw materials are mullite, cordierite, mullite-cordierite, alumina and more.

It features low thermal expansion coefficient, thermal shock resistance, larger specific surface area, good corrosion resisting capacity, small resistance, to name a few.

1. Catalyst carrier: it can reduce the oxidation temperature of organic substance. It can also absorb the waste gas caused in industries and by automobiles.
2. Exchange medium of heat accumulator: when used in the heat exchange process, the honeycomb ceramic can help heat accumulators to save as much as 12% energy. Thus, it is widely used as exchange medium in steel industry, metallurgical field, chemical industry, and construction field, and the like.
3. Filter plate: in metallurgy field and casting industry, the straight-hole ceramic filer plates are used in different applications. Also, it is used in the process of air filtering field, as well as water treatment sector. Featuring rather good thermal shock resistance, high strength, high porosity rate and large specific surface area, our honeycomb ceramic can filter and absorb tiny impurities inside metal liquids that are being casted.
4. Infrared burner plate: the honeycomb ceramic can promote complete combustion and it can help save up to 20%-50% energy. In this way, it can enable related machines to save much energy so as to be environment friendly. Therefore, it is widely used in gas infrared burner, infrared gas stove, infrared heater, gas water heater, among others.

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