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Infrared Honeycomb Ceramic Plate

Infrared Honeycomb Ceramic Plate

Infrared ceramic plate is made of special cordierite materials. With its special design, it works more efficiently in the field of gas cooker and heater. Infrared honeycomb ceramic plate enjoys the features of high heat efficiency, low pollution, high ventilation rate and strong heat radiation. We can provide coating for infrared ceramic plate to raise surface temperature and reduce exhaust emission.

Our infrared honeycomb ceramic plates are widely used in barbecue grill, burn oven, convection oven, gas oven, rotary oven, natural gas heater, space heater, and so on.

1. The infrared ceramic plate can save energy consumption by 30% to 50%.
2. It can achieve no flame combustion when burning and low noise when igniting.
3. Our infrared honeycomb ceramic plates possess outstanding hardness.
4. It is conveniently and simply to install. At the same time, it is easy and safe to use.
5. The infrared ceramic plate can reduce over 90% harmful exhausts, such as NOx, CO, etc.

Technical Data of Infrared Honeycomb Ceramic Plate

Item Material Water Absorption Open Porosity Specific Gravity
Index Cordierite 50.4% 61% 0.6-0.9 Kg/cm3
Item Temperature Softening Cooking Surface Temperature CO Release NOx Release
Index > 1350 °C 1000-1200°C ≤ 0.006% ≤ 5 ppm


Infrared Ceramic Plate for Oven Plum Blossom Pattern (mm) 200*140*13, 132*134*13, 94*165*13, 162*62*13
Diamond Pattern (mm) 92*134*13, 75*134*13, 132*134*13, 54*172*14, 96*142*13, 78*137*13, 78*128*13
Infrared Honeycomb Ceramic Plate for Heater   “8” pattern (mm) 146*141*13, 146*152*13, 88*132*13, 118*145*13, 74*164*13, 92*132*13, 64*102*13, 89*92*13, 89*50*13
Diamond Pattern (mm) 92*132*13, 92*127*13
Plum Blossom Pattern (mm) 74*164*13, 72*142*13

Remark: We can provide new products according to customers’ drawings and requirements.

Packaging of Infrared Ceramic Plate
1. Inner Packaging
We use plates or plates with foam plates to package.
2. Outer Packaging
Our company adopts cartons with fumigation-free pallet or cartons with fumigation-free wooden cases to package infrared honeycomb ceramic plates.
3. We accept customers’ packaging design.

Jiang×i Yiyuan Industrial Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer and supplier of infrared ceramic plates in China. In addition, we also produce molecular sieve, ceramic ball, ceramic, metal and plastic random fillers, water treatment product, and so on. With a professional technical team of first-class rich experience and well-trained technicians, our products are exported to Southeast Asia, Middle East, Russia, United States, Canada, South America, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, etc. Our infrared ceramic plates have been well received by customers.

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