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Metal Flat Ring

Metal Flat Ring

It refers to QH-1 or super mini rings. It belongs to the short-open ring parking. It can be used in mass transfer process of liquid-liquid extraction in low interfacial tension system. The axial mixture of the super mini ring is small and the capacity is great. The mass transfer efficiency of this metal flat ring can be increased 20% above.

Our metal flat rings have features of small fluid resistance, large gas and liquid contact surface. It has improved the fluid mechanics and mass transfer performance of the packing. Meanwhile, many traits can be found in this metal flat rings, such as huge flux, pressure reduction, high efficiency mass transfer and high operating flexibility, etc.

Jiangxi Yiyuan Industrial Co., Ltd is a professinal manufacturer and supplier of super mini rings in China. Our products have recieved the ISO9001:2000 certificate. And characterized by attactive design and reasonable price, this metal ring has been well recieved by customers from Southeast Asia, Middle East, Russia, United States, Canada, South America, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar and more. If you want more information of our metal flat rings (QH-1 or SMR), please do not hesitate to contact us.

Geometry Feature Data:

Item External diameter (mm) D×H×T (mm×mm×mm) Volume density (kg/m3) Specific Area (m2/m3) Void rate (%)
Metal flat ring 16×5.5×0.5 604 348 92.3 630000
25×9.0×0.5 506 228 936.6 160000
38×12.7×0.7 390 150 95 48000
50×17.0×0.8 275 115 96.5 21500
75×22.5×1.0 200 88 97.5 5800

Technical Data:

Specification Surface area Void Volume Number per volume Dry packing factor
D×H×δ mm m2/m3 % n/m3 m-1
25×9×0.5 228 0.936 148000 287
38×12.7×0.7 150 0.95 43200 175
50×17×0.8 115 0.965 16800 140
75×22.5×1 88 0.975 4900 112
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