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Metal Raschig Ring

Metal Raschig Ring

The metal raschig ring is one type of metal random parking. Its materials include carbon steel, stainless steel or aluminum alloy, etc. The metal super raschig ring is widely used in packing towers in petrochemical industry, chemical fertilizer industry and environmental protection, etc.

The features of this metal raschig ring filler include thin wall, heat resistance, high free volume, and high separation efficiency. Therefore, this kind of metal random packing is especially suitable for fulfill the vacuum distillation tower. The treatment materials of this metal raschig ring are thermo-sensitive, easily decomposable, easily polymerizable and carbonized.

Material Available:
Carbon steel,
Stainless steel: 304, 304L, 410,316, 316L.

Technical Data:

Size (mm) Bulk density (kg/m3) Number (per/m3) Surface area (m2/m3) Free volume (%)
15×15×0.3 379 230,000 350 95
25×25×0.4 318 51,000 216 96
25×25×0.5 400 51,000 220 95
35×35×0.8 430 19,000 150 93
50×50×0.5 203 6,500 106 97.4
50×50×0.7 285 6,500 108 96.4
50×50×0.8 325 7,000 109 95
76×76×0.8 212 1,830 69 97.3
80×80×1.2 300 1,600 65 96
90×90×1.0 236 1,160 62 97

The above data is the reference of stainless steel (AISI304).

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