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Plastic Pall Ring

Plastic Pall Ring

It is one type of plastic random tower packing. Its materials include PE, PP, PVC and CPVC, PVDF, PTFE, FRPP, etc. Compared with Raschig ring, there is a much better distribution of liquid and gas in the packing layer. The good distribution can make it easier to humidify the ring's interior wall. In this way, the interior area has been fully used. The plastic pall ring can let much more liquid go through while not lifting its pressure drop. And the separation rate of packing power has been improved. The packing power becomes pretty flexible to handle.

The plastic pall ring is widely used as the packing of tower in petroleum, chemical industry, chemical fertilizer, environment protection, etc. The pall ring can also be applied to various devices of isolation, absorption, common decompression, such as toluene separation, ethylbenzene separation, Isooctane separation and desulphurization system etc.

The advantages of plastic pall ring cover well corrosion resistance, large pore, small resistance, low energy consumption, light weight, easy loading and unloading, repeated use, and low operation cost. It is especially suitable for low temperature absorption, water and dust device.

Technical Data:

Item External Diameter (mm) External Diameter ×H×T mm (mm×mm×mm) Bulk Number (n/m3) Bulk Density kg/m³ (kg/m3) Specific Surface Area (m²/m³) Voidage (m³/m³) Dry Filling Factor (m-1)
Plastic Pall Ring 76 76×76×2.6 1930 70.9 72.2 0.92 94
50 50×50×1.5 6500 74.8 112 0.901 154
50 50×50×1.5 6100 73.7 92.7 0.90 127
38 38×38×1.4 15800 98.0 155 0.890 220
25 25×25×1.2 42900 150 175 0.901 239
16 16×16×1.1 112000 141 183 0.911 249

Jiangxi Yiyuan Industrial Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of plastic pall ring in China. Our company is located in Pingxiang, ceramic hometown of China. Besides, our company is quite near to Shenzhen and Shanghai ports, two largest ports in China, which makes both the shipping and air transportation quite convenient. Regarding the delivery period of plastic random tower packing, 12days/20gp is for those to be exported abroad, and 7days/20gp is for the ones to be sold at home. Featuring good wear, corrosion, high-temperature resistance, high strength and hardness, unique design and competitive prices, our plastic pall rings have been well received by customers from Southeast Asia, Middle East, Russia, United States, Canada, South America, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar and so on. If you're interested in our plastic pall ring, please feel free to contact us.

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