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Plastic Polyhedral Hollow Ball

Plastic Polyhedral Hollow Ball

It is a spherical packing composed by two hemispheres. Each hemisphere is composed of several half fan-shaped leaves. The upper and lower leaves are staggered arrangement.
The specific surface area of the plastic polyhedral hollow ball is larger than any other spherical packing. It is the typical representative of plastic random packing.

1.Sewage treatment: the plastic polyhedral hollow ball can be used as the packing in sewage treatment,
2.Power plants, chemical industry, paper making and environmental protection industries: the polyhedral hollow ball can be applied in the equipment for decarburization, carbonic acid removal, oil-water separator, sea water desalination and so on.

The plastic polyhedral hollow ball's design principle is advanced and the structure is reasonable. Its traits include light weight, stable performance, temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, free space, small wind-resistance, and well hydrophilic, large wet specific surface.

Technical Data:

Item Size Specific area Void Bulk numbers Bulk density Dry packing factor
mm m2/m3 m3/m3 n/m3 kg/m3 m-1
Plastic polyhedral hollow ball Φ25 460 96 65100 96  
Φ38 325 83 28500 83  
Φ50 236 76 7692 76  

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