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Thermal Storage Ceramic Ball

Thermal Storage Ceramic Ball

This ceramic ball is also known as heat storage ceramic ball that is especially utilized as packing in thermal storage equipment. It can also be used in the air separation process and heat exchange medium. It can work at temperatures from 0℃-1,700℃.
A qualified thermal storage ceramic ball should come with a smooth, spotless, crack free and flawless surface

The features of heat storage ball include high strength, wear resistance, huge thermal conductivity, high heat storage, high thermal efficiency, etc.
This thermal storage ceramic ball will not be easy to break even under dramatic temperature change conditions.  

1.It is applicable as heat accumulator in air separation plant;
2.This kind of ceramic ball can be used as heat storage packing in heating furnace.

Technological Index:

Item Air heat porcelain ball Regenerative ball in heating furnace
Al2O3 (%) 20-30 45-75
SiO2±Al2O (%) ≥92 ≥95
Fe2O3 (%) ≤1 ≤1.5
Size (mm) 10-12/12-14 16-18/20-25
Thermal capacity (J/kg) ≥836 ≥1,000
Thermal conductivity (w/mk) 2.6-2.9  
Applicable temperature(℃) 20~800 20~1,000
Fire resistance (℃) 1,550 1,750
Compression resistance (N) 800-1,200 1,800-3,200
Bulk density (kg/m3) 1,300-1,400 1,500-1,600

Jiangxi Yiyuan Industrial Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of thermal storage ceramic ball in China. Our company is located in Pingxiang, ceramic hometown of China. Besides, our company is quite near to Shenzhen and Shanghai ports, two largest ports in China, which makes both the shipping and air transportation quite convenient. Regarding the delivery period of heat storage ceramic ball, 12days/20gp is for those to be exported abroad, and 7days/20gp is for the ones to be sold at home. Featuring good wear, corrosion, high-temperature resistance, high strength and hardness, unique design and competitive prices, our thermal storage ceramic packing has been well received by customers from Southeast Asia, Middle East, Russia, United States, Canada, South America, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar and so on. If you're interested in our thermal storage ceramic balls, please feel free to contact us.

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